10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Mark Zuckerberg declared war on the real world. At Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, it was all about different realities. VR is a big deal for Facebook, mainly because it invested billions in Oculus Rift, and no one cares. But part of the bigger vision for Rift users is being able to hang out in virtual spaces, and today we got the first look at how that will work. It’s called “Spaces”.

2. On the AR side, Zuckerberg said the place where he wants Facebook to get to eventually was a world where all the information you need is projected by a pair of glasses or contact lenses. He delivered a lengthy rundown of his vision for a world that doesn’t requires as much physical stuff, like TVs. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because attendees quickly noted how all the noise out of F8 seemed to be geared toward crushing Snap. Snap, meanwhile, was busy trying to get its stock price moving by releasing a new feature called World Lenses.

3. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull axed 457 visas yesterday in a Facebook bid to “put Australians first”. The problem is, Australians don’t want some of the jobs workers on those visas currently fill. Now, instead of hiring a 457, businesses will pay a new tax to train unskilled Australian workers. But there is an alternative, and soon you’ll start hearing more about the “Temporary Skills Shortage Visa”.

4. Markets. The pound drove higher on new the UK would go to an election in June. But the FTSE dove as an almost certain victory for the May government kills the miniscule chance of any turning back from Brexit. In US earning, Goldman Sachs was also down. But the biggest loser right now is iron ore – it’s falling off a cliff. June Futures point to a depressing opening for the ASX, and were 38 points down earlier this morning.

5. The Kayla Itsines powertrain just keeps rolling on. The Adelaide fitness queen is all of 25 years old and was yesterday Forbes named her the most influential fitness identity in the world.

and is worth an estimated $46 million

6. Yes, the UK is going to the polls early. As in, three years early, on June 8. It’s a chance for Brits to show what they really think about Brexit, but the odds are strongly in favour of Labor – namely, Jeremy Corbyn – getting an almighty kicking. The IMF just boosted its growth forecast for Britain’s economy to 2% and it looks like the weaker British pound is here to stay, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

7. Spending money has never been easier. A small Queensland bank has rolled out a wristband containing a Visa Paywave chip. So you’ll never be without cash again.

8. Phones are all the rage right now. You’re probably about to plump for Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and Steve Kovach gets that. He’s just had enough time with it to write his definitive review, and he reckons it’s “the most beautiful phone in the world”. But it has flaws. And they could be flaws the iPhone 8 won’t have, along with all the great things the S8 does have, like a massive OLED screen, according to a huge new report from Bloomberg.

9. In a well-kept workshop in Manhattan, Patrick Che keeps a pile of black garbage bags piled up in a corner. The “roach bags” are full of cockroaches. Cockroaches he’s pulled from PlayStation 4s, which, as it turns out, are irresistible homes for the bugs. Sony knows this:

10. Do you have cords and cables everywhere? Answer yes if you’re human. You probably also have a leftover toilet roll tube in your bathroom which was just too much trouble to carry to the bin. Here’s an amazingly simple way to turn both problems into a wonderful solution.

BONUS ITEM: OK, so it’s run by bike chains and has a guy shooting right next to it, but giving any robot a gun is a bad idea. Let alone giving Russian cybersoldier FEDOR two guns. The future starts at 1.04:

Have a great day.

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