10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Tony Lockett. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes is all fired up about Elon Musk’s potential plan to fix Australia’s energy problems. If you’re wondering how it will actually work, Brookes went on Radio National yesterday with this explainer. And now the rest of the world wants one too. Well, Ukraine PM Volodymyr Groysman does.

2. Markets did something they haven’t done since 1995. Or at least, the S&P did, by not moving either way by more than 1% for the 105th day in a row. Oil concerns and waiting on the Fed kept things slightly subdued overnight. And Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller added his voice to the list of experts who think stocks look overvalued. ‘Strayan stocks went nowhere yesterday and SPI Futures aren’t excited about today either, despite the pending arrival of the Westpac Consumer Confidence Index at 11.30am. The dollar is drifting and iron ore futures ripped higher.

3. For a man locked up and derided for several years, Julian Assange can still troll like a boss.

There aren’t many people on the planet who can provoke an outraged response from the US vice-president with a single tweet.

4. Let’s watch it one more time:

Because the parents in the video, political analyst Robert and yes, that’s his wife, Kim, have broken their silence on what happened next.

5. Snapchat continues to fall. Its price hit a post-IPO low of $US20.17 on news it had to share more revenue than expected with its publishing partners. Those partners are proper winners in Snapchat’s rise. IPO paperwork showed Snap paid the likes of BuzzFeed and Vice $US58 million in 2016 to create lists with cats in them original content for Snapchat to place ads on.

6. Want to know what it’s like to get blasted by a moon rocket engine with 500,000 pounds of thrust? NASA is there for you, with a 360-degree video of what happens when you fire this puppy up:

7. Microsoft gets to see millions of stupid mistakes people make in their writing every day. Here are the 10 most common ones you all really need to work on.

8. And spreadsheets! Everyone loves a good spreadsheet. Especially this one from Kristy Shen, which shows how she and her husband track their money. It’s important, because it helped Shen get $1 million in the bank by the time she was 31 and now she’s retired and travelling the world.

9. India’s pitch-doctoring has sunk to new levels for the Third Test against Australia, and that’s saying something:

No, really – even the Hindustan Times is embarrassed. There are reports the wicket already has footmarks. But this big news in sport is Plugger’s back – and he’s not so big.

10. Are you dull? You’re not alone. Over on Quora, angsty people have asked “How do I become a more interesting person?” and we sifted through the answers to find the 17 best ways to make others notice and remember you.

BONUS ITEM: Just over a week out from the start of the AFL season is as good a time as any to revisit this classic report from the gravel fields of Tasmania’s west coast:

Have a great day.

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