10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

There are smarter ways to make a point. Picture: PewDiePie/YouTube

Good morning.

1. It’s mega-earnings day here in Australia. CBA has got the ball rolling by posting a 2% increase in cash profit to $4.9 billion to hit another record high. And a2 Milk posted a profit of $NZ39.4 million ($37 million) in the six months ended December 31, up a whopping 290% from a year earlier. We’ve got Wesfarmers, CSL and Domino’s to come. Iron ore prices slipped and the Aussie was rejected at 77 cents again overnight.

2. YouTube dumped its biggest star. It just canceled its show starring Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, after finding Nazi and anti-Semitic content in some of his videos. PewDiePie earned more than $US15 million last year from 53 million subscribers, mostly young gamers. His YouTube account is still open, but no longer supported by Google’s ad program. For the record, his brand of “humour” has been misinterpreted before, often, but if you live by the sword, get ready to die by the sword. Here’s an explanation of what’s going on in that picture above.

3. 37 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers signed a letter warning of US president Trump’s “grave emotional instability”. “We fear that too much is at stake to be silent any longer,” the letter, published in the New York Times, reads. Team Trump will no doubt be equally alarmed at 90s electro-vegan DJ star Moby, who told his Facebook fans he has “inside information” on Trump after “spending the weekend talking to friends who work in dc”.

4. In real life, Trump lost his national security adviser. Retired general Michael Flynn resigned due to his ties to Russia during the course of Trump’s campaign. Flynn’s ties were noted in the infamous “unverified dossier”, which claimed the Kremlin began cultivating Flynn in 2015, when it funded his trip to Moscow and paid him to speak at a gala event. The New York Times reports Russia is now seeing a different Trump than the patsy they might have hoped for.

5. So, after all that, BAML says the US dollar is overvalued and the most overcrowded trade right now. Deutsche Bank says the pound could fall another 16% as Brexit unfolds. And the Russian ruble is climbing.

6. The US Navy, meanwhile, is en route to the Pacific. Ships from the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group will be “simply sailing … within 20km of land features in the South China Sea that China claims”. Just looking. And in Syria, the US blew up a bunch of ISIS Sunday drivers:

7. A punch-on between Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest star Conor McGregor and boxing royalty Floyd Mayweather could be announced “within weeks”. The Sun reports McGregor flew to Las Vegas to finalise a deal with Mayweather, fees were settled, and all that’s left is an agreement with a “third party”. We’re tipping Mayweather will make about $2 million a second if it goes ahead.

8. Still on rumours, the iPhone 8 might be getting a hefty battery. And remember this?

There’s talk Nokia is planning a relaunch of the iconic 3310 later this month.

9. Facebook and Apple are on your TV. Facebook soon, by launching a standalone app for smart TVs. And Apple right now, with its new original content, “Planet of the Apps”. The trailer dropped yesterday, and it stars celebrity mentors such as Will.i.am and Jessica Alba taking pitches from and mentoring developers chasing $US10 million in funding. Devs who weren’t invited – and the odd Apple employee – weren’t impressed:

10. If you didn’t know why we tell our kids that eating carrots make you see better at night, you might find this interesting.

BONUS ITEM: Hold onto your breakfast:

Have a great day.

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