10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Happy Holidays, fans. Picture: Marvel

Good morning. One week to go.

1. Disney is eating everyone. The studio that bought Star Wars just agreed to pay Rupert Murdoch $US52 billion for his 21st Century Fox film and TV assets. Fox’s big news assets will be spun off beforehand to create a newly listed company, while Disney will get a 39% stake in Sky Europe, a heap of Pay TV channels including National Geographic, and The Simpsons. Oh, and this guy:

Yes, the X-Men (and Fantastic Four) franchise will finally be fully reunited with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That part of the deal was very high up the announcement order. But remember, Disney hasn’t released an R-rated movie for a long, long time. So here’s what that means for Deadpool, Alien, Predator – and Hollywood in general.

2. In today’s crypto round-up, Ethereum rolled over but is still approaching the $US1000 mark. Ripple, the crypto banks like best, is up 51% in 24 hours. And the 13% gap between bitcoin futures when they opened on Monday and the actual price of bitcoin has narrowed to 2.5%. But don’t waste your money traders! Pay $US10,000 for a crystal so you can connect to its energy instead, like these Wall Street millionaires are suddenly doing.

3. Or, buy Apple’s iMac Pro with all the bells and whistles. It will bleed you something north of $17,000.

4. The US President made one last promise for 2017, maybe. On the left is paperwork signifying the number of regulations that existed at US federal level in 1960. On the right are the same regs right now:

Picture: Getty Images

Trump says when he’s done the pile on the right will be smaller than the pile on the left. Meanwhile, the press is more concerned about whether the press secretary for the Leader of the Free World can actually cook pecan pies.

5. While we’re on hate groups, Britain First made the news recently after scooping a few retweets from the US President, but it has some leadership problems. Leader Paul Golding was in Belfast to support deputy leader Jayda Fransen, who was in court to answer accusations of hate speech at a rally. So while he was there, detectives arrested Golding too. Whoops. And in India, the country first “happiness minister” is on run, accused of murdering an opposition member.

6. On markets, the Bank of England kept rates on hold overnight, but Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz won’t rule out hikes in 2018. Bond markets are staying calm through it all. Iron ore fell for the sixth time in eight sessions, and the Aussie dollar is trying to break through the US77 cents level.

7. England won the first day of the Third Test, after Dawid Malan’s maiden century rescued the visitors at 4-131 to take them to 4-305 at stumps. Was Aussie pace the problem? The Cricket Prof’s database says no:

The Poms are going to need (and will probably get) 500.

8. The internet in the US will change. The Federal Communications Commission today changed course and will likely head to court to dismantle net neutrality protections it implemented in 2015. If successful, companies will be able to pay extra to buy “fast lanes” to their websites. If you’re wondering how evil that is, even Google says no:

9. On the same day, on the other side of the universe, Google found some planets. NASA put the giant’s machine learning system to work sifting through Kepler data and found a third planet in the Kepler-90 solar system. But much more exciting is Oumuamua, the first instellar object we’ve seen passing through our solar system. And because it’s shaped like a giant cigar, experts are checking it out just to make sure it’s not a spaceship.

10. It’s Friday and most people have just a week of work left in them for 2017. That means you’ll probably be falling into one of these two categories right now – people who need this list of the best life advice in 2017, or people who’d just like to hear the 25 best songs of 2017.

Have a great day.

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