10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The Prince of Wakanda has arrived. Picture: Marvel

Good morning.

1. The value of gold dropped to $0 overnight – theoretically. Scientists for the first time watched two neutron stars collide in space and somehow the measurements told them 100 Earth masses of gold were produced. That’s about $US100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 worth. Better – you’d only need a teaspoon to carry billions of tons of it. And this is how Australian scientists found it, along with ripples in space and time.

2. But it was a good night back on Earth for oil, with benchmark crude closing just shy of multi-year highs. That gave US stocks yet another reason to hit record highs, and ASX futures traders confidence in the ASX200 to book in its fifth straight session of gains today. And here’s another record – traders have loaded up on shorting the VIX, just like they did before the 1987 market crash. The Aussie weakened overnight but no one’s really sure why.

3. Do you use a wi-fi network with your phone or computer? Of course you do, because even the richest man in basketball, LeBron James, does so he doesn’t have to pay to download apps or music. But here’s today’s awful news for you and King James. It doesn’t matter what brand or operating system you’re using, because researchers have discovered a massive flaw in wi-fi security that puts every bit of data you own at risk.

4. Here’s a picture snapped recently of a US nuclear sub with two silos attached:

Picture: Petty Officer 2nd Class Jermaine Ralliford / Business Insider

The silos add drag and decrease stealthiness, so they’re used sparingly. They’re also sometimes used to deliver teams of US Navy SEALs, which absolutely, category never, ever train for Hollywood “decapitation team” fantasies. So we’ll just have to believe the US Navy when it says the USS Michigan, snapped here with pods, was parked in South Korea for a “routine port visit”.

5. We reported last week on how Allergan tried to protect a patent on its dry-eye drug Restasis by giving it and $US15 million a year to a Native American tribe. And it was cynical, grubby behaviour from the players on both sides, because that’s not how sovereign immunity should be used. This week, a judge agreed, and bills are already being introduced to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

6. UBS joined the chorus of big firms calling cryptocurrencies a bubble. But it’s a bubble that’s working for Julian Assange, because in 2010, the US government slapped an “illegal banking blockade” on WikiLeaks. That forced the organisation to invest in and use Bitcoin for all its transactions. Result:

An anti-government war chest funded by a 50,000% return.

7. Bahamas-based banker Guy Gentile broke up with Russian model Kristina Kuchma over dinner at a restaurant last the weekend. In the morning, when he went to jump into his Mercedes, this is where he found it:

Guy Gentile MercedesSunk: The Mercedes S400 hybrid. Picture: Guy Gentile

All because he wouldn’t give her $70,000 to start a business.

8. Today show fans woke this morning to find half of their favourite hosts had disappeared. Lisa Wilkinson left, overnight, reportedly due to a pay dispute. The Herald Sun claims Wilkinson was on a contract worth just over half of Karl Stefanovic’s $2 million package. And just an hour after announcing her departure on Twitter, Wilkinson posted an update saying she’s joining Channel Ten, with The Project.

9. It’s a horrible day to be Irish. Hurricane Ophelia actually made landfall and has already been responsible for three deaths as 190km/h winds rip across the country:

There are more videos of roofs being ripped off here. And the country is also mourning the loss of a wonderful comedian, Sean Hughes, who died in hospital at the age of 51 just days after sending a tweet out declaring “In hospital”.

10. Your genes at work. There’s one set that maybe causes these six things that parents of unsuccessful kids have in common. But it could be countered by this set that scientists think make humans intelligent. Fire up the CRISPR!

BONUS ITEM: Marvel’s best superhero may just get the movie he deserves:

Have a great day.

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