10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Boom. Picture: US Navy

Good morning and welcome to Friday.

1. First, to the US, where the data was… awful. Retail sales missed, badly. Industrial production fell. Producer prices flatlined and the New York based Empire manufacturing index was weak. So no, there won’t be a September rate hike. In fact, there probably won’t be another move in 2016, so it’s no surprise US stocks, er, surged on the bad news. The December SPI 200 contract is up 33 points and the Aussie is back above 75 cents and looking strong.

2. Here’s the doctor’s note passing Donald Trump for his physical, including details of his most recent colonoscopy and a mid-range testosterone level. Here’s everything Trump just promised in his major speech on the economy. And here’s another poll which shows Trump is now just about tied with Hillary Clinton.

3. It’s Friday, which means podcast day. Rummage around for your other AirPod and don’t tilt your head too far sideways while listening to our ed Paul Colgan shoot the breezes with Greg McKenna and JP Morgan global strategist Kerry Craig. This week, they’re nattering about bonds, the global selloff, the Fed and our favourite cities. Subscribe on iTunes or listen in below:

4. Watch the US Navy test its ship against 10,000lb bombs? Yes please:

That’s the USS Jackson, an Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) meant for patrols in shallow water, passing the first of three scheduled “shock trials”. Of course it passed – it was built by Australians.

5. Friday learnings, and we’ve got a couple of daisies. First of all, the sun isn’t actually yellow. Why men’s and women’s shirts button on opposite sides. And here’s a very thorough discussion on the difference between Greek yoghurt and regular yoghurt which you need to read because a) it’s more interesting than you think and b) because I had to add all the aitches to “yogurt” this morning.

6. On learnings, let’s hear it for teachers. We’ve got more than 50 teachers to tell us what everyone gets wrong about their job, including those people without kids who think teaching is “easy because all they do is talk at kids”.

7. And here’s why so many smart people don’t believe in evolution. (Hint: It has a lot to do with how many smart people are religious, but there’s also a cool test you can take.)

8. Everybody wants this little cube to fidget with at work so much, it’s passed its $15,000 Kickstarter goal – by more than $4 million. Meanwhile, on Etsy:

There is nothing in the world right now that looks more comfy than a giant knitted blanket.

9. While everyone was getting excited about bitcoin way back in 2014, a San Francisco startup was already well down the road of developing the technology which makes digital currency transactions happen. It’s called Ripple and it just raised $US55 million from some big names including Standard Chartered and Accenture. And on the shortlist of banks trialing Ripple’s blockchain tech you’ll find a couple of Aussies – NAB and Westpac.

10. Here’s an interesting Friday read about why suburbia is so depressing. Essentially, it comes down to our primal need to connect with others, which you feel when you get that little rush running into someone you know in public. Your suburban neighbour might be asking for a cup of suger, but really, she’s just a tiny bit lonely. And that’s why cities, where people are piled on top of each other, just work better.

BONUS ITEM: The greatest photo series right now shows what animals with eyes on the sides of their heads look like when you switch them to the front:

Picture: Kiyoi/imgur

There are loads more here.

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