10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A win! Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Let’s get Monday done with.

1. Straight to the markets, and it’s possible all that business in China about the RMB fix and other moves appears to have settled down, according to the NAB’s co-head of global currency strategy, Ray Attrill. Last week, we saw the ASX crack down and through the trendline which stretches back to February 2012. That biases it toward 5,150 and hedge fund types are telling Greg McKenna it’s 4,800 they are targeting now.

2. The Aussie recovered superbly off the lows at 0.7216 last week, but it’s still clear sellers lurk overhead.

3. Even by back-end-of-the-month standards, it’s a slow week in data. Especially in Australia, where only July motor vehicle sales will spark any interest, mainly in whether SMBs are taking the Government up on its May budget $20,000 handout. There’s more interesting releases in the US and China, though. You can read about them here, in Westpac’s excellent calender of all the key data and events.

4. Don’t mention the rugby and it’s been a great weekend in sport. Jarryd Hayne broke through the Houston Texans’ line for a 53-yeard dash in his NFL debut:

Jason Day is the most underrated golfer on the planet, and is about eight shots away from proving it by winning the PGA Championship. Hopefully. It could be his first major after three runner-up efforts and a fourth at the British Open last month. And out netballers smashed the Kiwis to win their third-straight Netball World Cup.

See? Actual world-beating stuff…

5. There’s a $264,000 car-parking space in Sydney. That will have Aussies pretty much everywhere else scratching their heads in confusion, but the auctioneer assured potential buyers their “car will have a fabulous view”. Here it is, along with four others that would buy a small house in any other city.

6. Beef up your international deal-making skills. The French don’t negotiate like the Americans do. In fact, according to British linguist Richard D. Lewis, there’s such a huge difference in the way people negotiate across the globe, he wrote a book about it. And while Australia is among the 23 of the most unique styles we’ve picked out, Italy’s our favourite:

7. What’s “mesh-networking”? It doesn’t matter – all you need to know is it lets you send text messages even when you have no data or internet. And FireChat is the app that makes it work best. (OK, here’s how it works.)

8. Koalas are crazy. At least, this one which chased South Australian Ebony Churchill on her quad bike is. And fast. And huge.

9. Do you paleo? Some good news from scientists, who possibly also try to stick to the meaty fix, but just can’t do it without the chips. Fortunately, they’ve found cavemen might have also enjoyed chips on the side. Win!

10. Solitaire! It’s back, baby, but you’ll have to pay a couple of dollars a month if you don’t wants ads on the Windows 10 version. Here’s an interesting fact – it didn’t just appear on old-school PCs because it was an easy program to lump in for free. Apparently, it sneakily teaches you how to use your PC.

BONUS ITEM: Aussie dad Tez Gelmer is the world’s best dad. Not only did he design and build this ultimate Speeder Bike rocker for his daughter’s first birthday, he shared the how-to:

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