10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Michael Masters/Getty ImagesBarnaby Joyce speaking to the press in Canberra.

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1. ATM and Eftpos services went down around Australia on Thursday. The big four banks confirmed “sporadic outages” of their ATM and Eftpos machines across the country on and fingers are being pointed at Telstra. The telco has tweeted that most of its services have now been restored but problems do remain for some of its business clients.

2. Nationals MP and former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has written a scathing critique of the climate action movement. Joyce took to Facebook to voice his opinion and said “the very idea that we can stop climate change is barking mad”. The comments come just one day after broadcaster David Attenborough slammed Australia’s politicians for inaction on climate change.

3. Dodo forced to refund customers. The internet provider has agreed to refund $360,000 to around 16,000 customers after the competition regulator found some of its advertising claims around NBN broadband plans were false. The company claimed its NBN plans were “perfect for streaming”, when they only included 10GB per month.

4. Celebrity human rights lawyer Amal Clooney called out the Australian Federal Police’s raids on journalists and the lack of media freedom in the country. Speaking at the Defend Media Freedom conference in London on Wednesday, Clooney said: “What happens in a country like Australia, or the UK or the US will be looked at by every other leader in the world and potentially used as an excuse to clamp down even further on journalists.”

5. Australia is out of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. England beat Australia to advance to its first World Cup final in 27 years.

6. Twitter and Reddit go down. Both Twitter and Reddit experienced outages on Thursday, affecting the US, the UK and and parts of Australia.

7. Google is creating a new social networking site. Named Shoelace, the app aims to be a hyperlocal social network for people looking to connect with others (in real life) at events and nearby activities.

8. The rich aren’t getting (as) rich. The collective wealth of high net worth individuals has declined for the first time since 2011, decreasing in 2018 by 3% globally, according to a report by consultancy Capgemini. The ongoing US-China trade war is a factor in the decline along with geopolitical unrest.

9. Facebook has built a poker-playing artificial intelligence (AI) bot capable of beating some of the world’s best players of the card game. It’s a significant achievement as it shows AI can operate at ‘superhuman’ levels in situations with multiple actors and limited access to information.

10. Boeing embarks on a major leadership shuffle. The head of Boeing’s 737 program, Eric Lindblad, is set to retire, the company announced on Thursday. However, Lindblad’s retirement is reportedly unrelated to the ongoing crisis at Boeing caused by two deadly crashes involving the 737 Max planes.

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