10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. The US Fed raised the benchmark interest rate to 1.25%. No surprises there, and US markets finished square for the day, but bond markets were not convinced. The yield on US 10-year treasuries fell by around 8 basis points to 2.13%, and Aussie bonds followed suit. Futures traders have marked the ASX200 down by 32 points, ahead of key employment data today at 11:30am AEST. Your 10-second guide to the employment report is here. The Aussie is holding strong after climbing above US76 cents.

2. The London tower block fire claimed at least 12 lives. That number is expected to rise, which is sadly no surprise when pictures of the damage like this emerged as dawn broke:

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Up to 69 others were injured, 18 critically. But appeals have also begun for those still missing from the 120 homes which were destroyed. An FOI request revealed the block hadn’t been checked for fire safety for 18 months, even after a £10 million upgrade last year which installed new cladding and heating systems. Theresa May’s new chief of staff reportedly “sat on” a report warning that tower blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to deadly fires. And because they’re British, everyone is doing what the British do best – pitching in:

3. Trump hate finally got deadly. James Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old home business owner, wrote “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” on his Facebook page on March 22. Yesterday, he took a gun to a GOP baseball practice match and opened fire on Congress members and staffers. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is in a critical condition, but fortunately, no one but the gunman was killed. There’s no graphic violence in this video:

The US President said: “We are strongest when we are unified.”

4. Three federal ministers have been ordered to a Victorian court to explain why they shouldn’t face contempt charges. Health minister Greg Hunt, assistant treasurer Michael Sukkar and human services minister Alan Tudge have some explaining to do about making critical remarks about two of Victoria’s most senior judges in relation to sentencing for terrorism offences.

5. Dropbox CEO Drew Houston sat down with Alyson Shontell and told her about the time he was summoned to meet Steve Jobs. But did he get Chill Steve Jobs or Mean Steve Jobs? How about both? And a new book out this week about the creation of the iPhone tells the story of how Apple’s top marketer was told by Jobs to stop pushing for a physical keyboard, or “get the f..k out”. But Schiller says it never happened.

6. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once quipped that where Google was building AI systems to win games like Go and Starcraft II, Microsoft was building AI to get real work done. But it doesn’t hurt to smash Ms Pac-Man every now and then for laffs. An AI startup Microsoft bought just clocked the classic, forcing it to reset after hitting a perfect score of 999,990 points. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is taking credit for bringing Age of Empires back after a reddit user asked him to.

7. It’s on:

And it will be the biggest, most lucrative fight we’ve ever seen – at least $US175 million in prizemoney, for starters. Now we wait for the terms of the fight to see if there’s any modification to ensure McGregor doesn’t end up in A&E.

8. Eggs are quicker in the microwave. Here’s how to nail the three big ones – scrambled, poached and quiche-in-a-mug. Enjoy your 45-second breakfast.

9. “Hard Brexit” is all but dead. How the majority of Brits who voted for it are going to deal with that will be interesting, possibly turbulent. But because Theresa May couldn’t win a majority, she is essentially being forced seal a “Soft Brexit” deal. Or reverse Article 50 altogether. Here’s how that would work.

10. Tinder Select is the the Tinder that Tinder refuses to officially acknowledge. You haven’t used it, because you’re not a celebrity, model or millionaire. And you need to get an invite. But Nathan McAlone did, somehow, and this is what he has found in the past few months.


Have a great day.

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