10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Besties. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The big news in stocks was the 8% hit on General Electric, which halved its dividend. And futures traders are betting on a negative open for the ASX200 after the pan-European STOXX600 index fell for the fifth straight session overnight. Maybe a good read on the all-important NAB business survey for October can turn it around – it drops at 11:30am AEST. The Aussie dollar failed to break through US77 cents overnight and hit a four-month low, while iron ore remains directionless. And Bitcoin did its usual thing and rode out another crash.

2. Emirates unveiled its new first class suites at the Dubai Air Show. For a starting price of $12,000, you’ll get floor-to-ceiling-doors on your 3.7 square metre residence, mood lighting, and 2,500 channels on the telly. And this “zero gravity bed inspired by NASA technology”:

We have more pics from inside the room here.

3. Asia knows how to work Trump – treat him like a god. He enjoyed kids cheering for him at the Beijing airport, a military ceremony in Vietnam, and a red carpet event in the Philippines “like nobody, I think, has probably ever seen”. John Brennan, the former head of the CIA, says the ploy is so simple and effective it’s frightening. Even murder-advocating Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte serenaded Trump with a love song.

4. And while there were important policy issues to discuss – namely, ignoring all the human rights abuses in order to keep American trade great – the internet kept making political life easy for Trump by focusing on things like his awkward handshakes instead:

North Korea, meanwhile, has been holding secret talks with US diplomats to find out if Trump actually is as crazy as they think he is.

5. While we’re on awkward moments, here’s Wallaby star Kurtley Beale casually lounging in his daks with Prince William:

And Sydney jumped on a moth-eaten joke and named one of its ferries “Ferry McFerryface”.

6. Bill Gates is building an entire city, because he can. He’s lobbed $US80 million at buying 10,000ha of land in Arizona to house 182,00 people in the new city of Belmont. It’s a grand experiment to build a “smart city” from the ground up, complete with high-speed internet, robot workers and traffic lights that talk to self-driving cars.

7. Here’s a Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard with a difference that you can buy for Christmas. The difference? It’s listed on Amazon Australia, which has started populating its website with items. BI attended the Marketplace Summit in Melbourne yesterday and found the launch is “widely expected to be before Christmas”. If you’re planning on running your business through the online retail giant, here’s what it will cost you.

8. No one knows yet how much it cost Amazon to buy the rights to adapt “The Lord of The Rings” into a multi-season TV series. But it would be a lot:

9. A runaway trolley is about to run over and kill five people and you are standing on a footbridge next to a large stranger; your body is too light to stop the train, but if you push the stranger onto the tracks, killing him, you will save the five people. Would you push the man? Your answer to that can supposedly tell you whether or not you’re a psychopath.

10. The chances are extremely high you couldn’t care less about American football. But you might care about Marquise Goodman’s touchdown when you learn why he was so emotional about it:

Just hours before, at 4am, Marquise and his wife lost their baby boy prematurely. Click for the Instagram only if you’re ready for a bit of a cry.

BONUS ITEM: The guy who made an unliftable Mjolnir found a way to make it fly… back to his hand:

Have a great day.

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