10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Wind’s getting up. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Markets in the US slid overnight as oil collapsed again even though inventories were down, not up. That’s left the SPI 200 September futures pointing to a 19-point loss on the open of the ASX 200 at 10am after stocks had a solid day yesterday. The ASX 200 finished 0.38% up at 5227.70, led by the banks. The Aussie dollar went for a run, hitting a high of 0.7596, but is back and largely unchanged at 0.7466.

2. We rode in Uber’s first self-driving car and stayed alive. Uber is now allowing select users to hail its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here’s how to do that when it’s fully rolled out, but for now you’ll need an invite to try it. Like what BI’s Danielle Muoio got:

Which resulted in this fascinating post about what it was like. And here’s what the car’s LiDAR “sees”, along with the selfie it took of Danielle:

3. We could talk about Donald Trump and how he’s pulling back into the race. Or how he got Dr Oz to check his medical records and expected everyone to think that’s all fine. And there’s this poll showing a surprising number of people admit Hillary Clinton’s health would affect their vote. But the US election coverage of the day goes to the hackers who got hold of former secretary of state Colin Powell’s emails, in which they found this incredibly scathing quote from 2014 about his “friend” Hillary:

“A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home”


4. Are you getting a great night’s sleep? Got your morning routine down pat? Shana Lebowitz thought so too, with a very relaxed morning routine, but then she spoke with psychologist and sleep specialist Michael Breus. He decided that of the four chronotypes – bear, wolf, lion, and dolphin – Shana was a bear. And then he turned her morning world upside down, and Shana’s never felt more energised or productive.

5. Let’s drain this Mediterranean. It’s a kooky thought, but a thought nonetheless taken seriously by German architect Herman Sörgel, who first proposed the scheme in 1929. Not specifically “drain”, but dam in three places to create a giant hydroelectric scheme join the continents of Europe and Africa with vasts tracts of arable land. But not even the Nazis bought it, and they were lunatics.

6. The queuing has begun for the iPhone 7 and in recent years, paying someone else to do it has become a “one of the most enduring and inventive uses” of Airtasker’s outsourcing platform, says marketing VP Simon Reynolds. Gergely Marton is already in line and will be receiving – after Airtasker’s take – $170 for 24 hours of sitting on the pavement and talking to Apple fans. That’s $7.08 an hour. But at least he’ll get his hands on a real iPhone 7 tomorrow – unlike Telstra customers who are now being told the telco took more orders than it actually had phones to sell. Gah!

7. Once you see the hidden image in Toblerone, you’ll never be able to unsee it again:

Hidden Bear in Toblerone Logo

Here’s what it stands for.

8. On one day last week, this Australian company hired eight people and signed on 50,000 users. It’s that kind of growth that has seen Canva double its valuation from $165 million in late 2015, when it last raised a separate investment of $15 million, to $345 million today. Here’s why it’s starting to look like a serious contender for taking a big chunk out of Microsoft’s Word and Adobe’s Photoshop businesses.

9. Typhoon Meranti smashed into Taiwan overnight, leaving widespread destruction and 260,000 homes without power in the wake of its 300km/h winds and 16 metre waves. It’s the strongest storm of Earth right now and tonight, it’s due to make a big mess in China.

10. You’ve seen it on the telly, so you know being a prisoner in the US isn’t a whole lot of fun. But if you’re not in prison, you’re not getting The Whole Shabang. Apparently, they’re the best chips ever made, responsible for great tweets from ex-cons like this:

You can’t get them in shops, but the company now has a website — so no incarceration necessary.

BONUS ITEM: As if China doesn’t have enough to worry about with Typhoon Meranti. It’s just got over an attack froma giant, inflatable moon:

Have a great day.

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