10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus v1Antonio Villas-Boas/Tech InsiderThe Galaxy S6 Edge+ (left) and Galaxy Note 5. Woo.

Hi. It’s Friday.

1. China’s playing a long game. There’s a lot of handwringing go on right now, in Western markets particularly, about what happens now the Chinese government is devaluing its currency. The fact is, China hasn’t broken any rules, or done anything wrong, and the rest of us just have to suck it up for a while. It may even be good for us. To explain why, and why the hysterics are misplaced, here’s Greg McKenna’s ultimate guide to everything you need to know about China weakening its currency.

2. Given all that, it was a comparatively benign day in the markets, with lots of talk of “settling” and “drifting”. In Australia, the SPI 200 futures are off 5 points and the Aussie dollar failed at resistance yesterday. Iron ore, however, is doing better than many would expect.

3. But the big news is the continued crash in crude oil prices – the real global deflationary pulse. Last night the front Nymex crude contract was down 2.49% putting prices at just $42.25 a barrel. That reinforces the fact that this month crude has broken the uptrend from 1999.

4. Samsung showed the world its new phones. They upped the Galaxy S6 Edge to a 5.7-inch display and renamed it Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and along with the Galaxy Note 5, ditched all remaining traces of plastic. Here’s all the big, beautiful photos, but more importantly, here’s 11 things they can do that the iPhone can’t.

5. ManServants are real. The startup launched last year, offering to hire out hunky males to anticipate women’s every need and pamper them accordingly. Promos like this made it a bit controversial:

And had many thinking it was a joke. It wasn’t, it’s going strong, and just to prove it, our US colleague Maya Kosoff tried it with a few friends.

6. Think rich, and you’ll do a lot better at getting rich. Steve Siebold interviewed 1200 of the world’s richest people for his book “How Rich People Think”, so follow these 13 principles we culled from it, and you’re on your way. And while you’re at it, read these 15 most influential business books of 2015, thank us, and send us a cheque later.

7. This might be the craziest crowdfunding venture yet. A group of “Lord of the Rings” fans want to build an exact replica of the famous walled city, Minas Tirith. You might remember it like this:

Picture: New Line Cinema

And that’s exactly how the campaigners, who are actually a team of engineers and architects, want it. They estimate it will cost about $3 billion, and take seven years to build.

8. Defending champs Chelsea were struggling 2-2 against lowly Swansea and a man down when another player, Eden Hazard went down hard. There’s reports the ref called someone from Chelsea’s bench over and team medics Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearne came on. That meant Hazard had to leave the field. Coach Jose Mourinho was livid – with Carneiro, and later demoted her. Fearne, who was first on the field, didn’t even get so much as disciplined…

9. There’s a line between subtly sucking up to the boss and being a full-blown brown-noser. But then, this is work, and if you’re happy enough to leave your personality at the door and do whatever it takes to get ahead, here’s the seven people you should pretend to like the most in any workplace.

10. Houses covered in mirrors are stunning. If you don’t believe us, check out these 22 examples that disappear into the landscape. (But don’t get your fingerprints all over them.)

BONUS ITEM: Disney is in damage control, telling everyone not to run the first picture of Luke Skywalker in Jedi regalia from “The Force Awakens”. We’re not going to run it either, but you might find it here, posted by someone completely not us.

Have a great weekend. I’m on Twitter.

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