10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

10 things you need to know this morning in Australia
Australia could begin issuing vaccine passports within weeks.

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Vaccine passports are just weeks away from being issued in Australia. State governments are now rushing to figure out how they will be implemented, with certificates set to be issued by Canberra from October, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. It comes as home quarantine looks likely to be key to reopening borders, as some states near their vaccine targets.

Ongoing lockdowns in the eastern states won’t cannonball Australia’s economic recovery. That was the message from the RBA as the central bank left interest rates on hold and reduced its stimulus program despite the Delta outbreak.

Australia’s property market looks increasingly strained at the prospect of any rate hike. One in seven homeowners don’t know how they will pay their mortgage when rates do rise, with the average Sydneysider now spending 60% of their income to service their home loan.

Three in four young people would move regionally for work, new research finds. Over 70% of Millennials and Gen Z working in manufacturing, trades, engineering and STEM said they would happily leave cities for a job in their field, but experts warn a lack of infrastructure planning is holding back a true regional boom.

Supermarkets are on a hiring spree as COVID-19 decimates the number of available workers. Thousands of store and distribution centre staff have been forced into self-isolation due to potential COVID-19 exposure, impacting operations, and forcing supermarkets to bolster their ranks.

Deliveries around the country are expected to be heavily delayed. Logistics services expect twice the number of of packages to be sent this year compared to 2019, adding additional strain on them in the already disrupted lead up to Christmas.

News Corp will dial back its anti-climate action stance as part of a new editorial line. Its newspapers and Sky News have internally promised to roll back climate change denial and begin pushing for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Guzman and Gomez has become the latest national chain to go plant-based. Teaming up with ‘meaty’ mushroom company Fable Foods, G&G will introduce shredded shiitake as a core filling to be rolled out around the country, as meat-free goes mainstream.

China won’t tolerate K-pop fandom. Twenty-one fan accounts on social media platform Weibo were shut down with the company saying it would remove groups exhibiting “irrational star-chasing behaviour”. It comes as part of a broader crackdown by China on entertainment, including gaming.

The iPhone 13 is coming next week. Apple has slated September 14 as its big reveal date and one that will determine the company’s short-term performance. Excruciatingly themed ‘Californian Streaming’, the event is expected to unveil a new phone model that could dropping the front camera notch and add satellite connectivity.