10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

Good morning!

1. US President Donald Trump has invited North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un to the White House. After using Twitter to request a meeting, Trump crossed over the North Korean border to shake hands with the country’s leader and described their relationship as “a great friendship.”

2. Just before Trump and Jong Un’s meeting, a video was released of newly appointed White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham pushing a North Korean aide forcefully outside the room where Trump and Kim Jong Un were set to meet.

3. A temporary trade-war truce. The trade war between the US and China reached a temporary truce during the G20 summit, with Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping delaying new tariffs to let negotiations continue. Here’s how some strategists said they were thinking about this scenario and what it will mean.

4. A New York Times review of images from the Hong Kong protests in June found that the country’s police used excessive force on protestors. However, Hong Kong officials have said the police acted with restraint.

5. Apple CEO Tim Cook made a special video message to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month in the US. In it, Cook said that while it is a time for celebration, there is “progress yet to be made”.

6. The Boeing investigations continue. Boeing reportedly outsourced some of its 737 Max software development and testing to low paid temporary workers. The move was allegedly designed as a cost-cutting measure.

7. The gaming wars heat up. Google and Apple are planning to launch their own video game subscription services following Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming release of their next generation consoles.

8. Tesla’s second quarter results loom. As Tesla shareholders gear up for the release of the company’s second quarter delivery figures, analysts at prominent Wall Street firms believe the earnings outlook is grim.

9. A handful of tech executives want to reverse engineer a UFO to assist mankind. While the execs are interested in UFOs, they say its still a “pretty taboo subject” in the tech industry.

10. And the Gold Logie goes to… Tom Gleeson. Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson received the top honour at this year’s Logie Awards, with his speech addressing some of the criticism he received for launching his own campaign to win a Gold Logie.

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