10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Because it’s already May, the RBA will announce its interest rate decision later today. Pretty much no one expects a move, but there are good reasons why the accompanying monetary policy statement could spark some short-term volatility in financial markets. The Aussie dollar heads into it all significantly weaker after late selling pressure overnight. It’s fallen to around 0.7530 US cents. And iron ore is now on a five-day losing streak.

2. Sydney house prices update:

Source: CoreLogic, Twitter

The black line is the amount of housing for sale in 2018, neatly corresponding to the steady decline in house prices in Sydney in 2018. And it seems to be holding a bit steadier than in previous years, with an increase of 28.2% on properties listed this time last year.

3. US President Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s an actual quote from South Korean President Moon Jae-in, so the prospect of that in December is real. Trump is expected to meet Kim Jong Un within weeks, and this morning gave his offical Twitter position on the venue:

Meeting at the DMZ would also save North Korea the embarrassing problem of potentially admitting it doesn’t have a plane that could actually fly its Dear Leader safely to another country.

4. In other potential wars, Israel just announced that its intelligence operatives had entered Iran, stolen a trove of secret documents about a clandestine nuclear program, and accused Tehran of cheating on the Iran deal.

5. Here’s an interesting chart:

Facebook 911 callsSamantha Lee/Business InsiderMost of the calls during the 14-month period were during regular working hours.

It’s also a bit chilling, because it’s all the 911 calls Facebook employees made in the past 14 months – 239 of them. A lot of them are medical, but there are a good number of suspicious person and assault calls in there, and that’s something that has Silicon Valley rethinking its tradition of open, university-like campuses and casual work culture. Also, June seems to be the time for serious mental evaluations.

6. Want to get your 40,000 strong workforce cranking out an extra $417 million next year? Monitor their brainwaves with wireless sensors in their hats. That sounds so ridiculous and invasive, it can only be going on in China.

7. LeBron James beat the Pacers, and was feeling it:

He played nearly the full game and scored 45 points to drag his Cavs through to the second round of the Eastern Conference finals, and averaged a monster 41 points in each of their four wins. And he’s now passed Michael Jordan in nearly every major playoff statistic – except for the one that matters.

8. The biggest change is coming for the biggest game in the world right now. At 6pm tonight, the fourth season of Fortnite: Battle Royale will kick off and it will be a properly cosmic event, because it looks like a major meteor strike is coming to change a couple of hundred million online lives. Here’s what we know so far, and here’s all you need to know about how 13-year-old Kyle Jackson just became Fortnite’s youngest professional player.

9. UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s just sold 42% of itself to Walmart and will merge with Walmart’s Asda chain. Here’s Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe caught on camera warming up for an interview with ITV about the deal:

Priceless. Here’s Mike’s excuse.

10. Also in the money is ANZ Bank. It just announced a 4% lift in cash profit to $3.32 billion for the half year to March. And laid off 5000 people in the last year.

BONUS ITEM: If you’re one of the 6 million people who haven’t seen Mark Zuckerberg’s other testimony yet, do yourself a favour. This is why we internet:

Have a great day.

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