10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. First, the markets, and only the Nasdaq barely cracked positive territory in the US as the Trump rally continued to sputter and die. Futures traders found something to like though and have pushed the ASX SPI200 Index up by 20 points for today’s open, despite miners dragging the local market down for the second consecutive day yesterday. The US dollar is weakening but with a raft of PMIs out today, including China around midday, it’s set to be a volatile session for the Aussie.

2. Apple earnings are coming in. The December quarter is typically Apple’s biggest. We’ll keep you updated right here.

3. Banning immigrants from seven Muslim majority nations looks like a ban on Muslims. It sure sounds like a ban on Muslims. But according to US homeland security secretary John Kelly, Donald Trump’s extreme vetting executive order is not – he repeats, not – “a ban on Muslims”. Here’s why.

4. California must be a hard place to live right now, when tech heroes Elon Musk and Peter Thiel are cosying up to Trump. And Google employees are out protesting, but their parent company is also creeping into bed with the Republicans. Leaving California just isn’t an option, because it’s California and all those great tech wages. Hmm. Maybe it could split from the US? Except that’s exactly what the Russians want California to do, and may be bankrolling it! Gah!

5. Anyhoo, today’s light Trump relief comes in the form of how potentially awkward his first meeting with the Queen may be. (Although she has already hosted 10 US presidents, and some proper clowns among them.) And this rundown of his first week from Stephen Colbert, noting how “he really got a lot of stuff undone”:

6. We get to find out how big Snapchat really is. Its parent company Snap Inc. will reveal its IPO prospectus this week, which to date has been eligible to stay under wraps because its annual revenue is under $US1 billion. Here are the six big things to look for as it aims for a $US25 billion float, including whether it’s even profitable, and who it believes its real rivals are.

7. Did you make your 20,000 steps yesterday? Ryan Hall topped 308,000 in the week to Monday. Hall completed seven marathons in seven days, and showed the world his crazy Fitbit report to prove it. He also spent 45 hours in the air and didn’t watch a single movie. Freak.

8. Check your LinkedIn profile. Are you “specialised”, “creative” and “passionate”? Then you’re also using three of the 10 most over-used words every other Australian is using on their LinkedIn profile. And HR peeps hate it.

9. And while you’re feeling down, check out this extraordinary resumé that helped Harvard junior Jessica Pointing land internship offers from Google, Facebook, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. She built a tool that saved Morgan Stanley $US1 million in her work experience stint.

10. In Mount Rushmore, just behind Abraham Lincoln’s hairline, is a secret room you can’t enter. In the room, there’s a titanium vault. It was placed there in 1998, and this is what’s in it.

BONUS ITEM: Two goats, one pot. One great start to your day:

Have a great day.

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