10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Cometh the moment, cometh the… whatever The Stig is. Picture: BBC


Australia is the world’s millionaire playground.
Well, China’s. Wealth research firm New World Wealth released its “Millionaire Migration” report on Wednesday, which charts the movements of millionaires around the globe, and Sydney topped the list. Approximately 4000 millionaires set up shop in Sydney in 2015, a 4% growth for a total of 95,400 millionaires living in the city. And in second place – Melbourne, with an inflow of 3,000 millionaires. According to the report, we can thank China for that.

2. Today in markets is actually tonight in markets. That’s when the all-important US non-farms payrolls drops, and it’s why US markets played a cautious game overnight. The Dow and S&P are down a little, stocks in Europe were lower and it’s all left the June SPI200 down 20 points, 0.3%. That suggests a little weakness on the local today when the ASX starts a new quarter hoping for better returns than the 4% dip it copped in 2016’s first opening round. Greg McKenna reckons it could have been worse.

3. The problem with being healthy:

Humans are about to cross that incredible demographic milestone. According to the Census Bureau, by 2050, those aged 65 and up will more than double that of children under the age of 5.

4. “Fail fast” is all the rage in the startup world. And why not? It worked for Hitler.

5. Which urban streetscape do you prefer – this:

Picture: Urb-i/Google Street View

Or this?

Picture: Urb-i/Google Street View

The best cities in the world are opting for the latter, and an urban planning collective in Brazil is celebrating their efforts. Last year, Urb-i collected Google Street View images which show some of the most amazing transformations in cities around the world. They recently updated the series, and we’ve got 50 of the best makeovers here for you.

6. Yesterday, Steve Kovach discovered Apple had “pulled off something amazing” with the release of the iPhone SE. Today, he runs the ruler over the new iPad Pro, and finds that while he still can’t recommend most people switch to the tablet instead of a regular laptop, it’s “easily the best iPad Apple has made”.

7. You know that powder that smells like millions of dads? It’s costing Johnson & Johnson millions of dollars. About 20 studies have linked the long-term use of talc – the main ingredient in Johnson’s Baby Powder – with ovarian cancer. J&J are obviously insisting the studies are unreliable, but a jury awarded $72 million to the family of a user who died of ovarian cancer, and now there’s another 1000 people lined up to plead the same case. Best stick to cornstarch-based baby powder (Johnson & Johnson have one of those, too.)

8. Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. Sadly, all the subs have been sacked from newspapers, killing off the last people in the world who were actually burnt out enough to care and had time to try to liven up things for five minutes once a year. So we get lame efforts like this from Virgin:

Much funnier is the time Richard Branson tried to fool his mate by having his apartment robbed, which ended up with Branson spending 12 hours in jail. Ha!

9. While we’re on the topic of not being funny any more, here’s your first look at Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson.

10. Nine-year-old badass Milla Bizzotto is not really a badass. She’s actually really, really nice. She just had to toughen up because she was being bullied at school and because of that, she just became the youngest person to ever complete a Navy SEAL designed obstacle course.

BONUS ITEM: It’s goodnight from Ronnie Corbett. One of the greatest sketch comedians ever died last night, ending a legendary run which continued well after the death of the other Ronnie. There are far too many highlights, so let’s try for something the kids might understand to remember him by:

The rest of us will always have Four Candles.

Have a great weekend.

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