10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. To markets and oil! It’s up close to 9%, because OPEC not only made a decision to cut, it got everyone to agree with it. Russia, the Saudis, Iraq, UAE – you name them, they signed it, taking out about 2% of global capacity. The fallout is bond rates soared in the US, currencies got hammered, and markets were under pressure. The Aussie dollar was knocked for six but futures traders on the ASX have marked the December SPI 200 contract 13 points higher.

2. World’s best thief. Watch this guy in New York walk off with a bucket full of $US1.6 million in gold flakes:

Impressive, not just for the massive cajones, but because that bucket must weigh about 35kg. Not great for a casual getaway.

3. Amazon is making some big plays at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference. Yesterday, it launched its Financial Services Competency certification, which it says will open the door for fintech startups to compete with the likes of Accenture and Capgemini. Today, the big play – any startup can now access Amazon’s amazing AI technology to power their idea. That includes picture recognition, text-to-speech and a short form of conversational bot Alexa, which powers Amazon’s Echo home assistant.

4. And Netflix is feeling generous with its tech today, too. There are some limitations, but it now has an “available for download” section which lets you watch shows offline. Here’s what’s on it right now.

5. Donald Trump was interesting today. He claimed to be dumping his business interests:

That’s probably the first time anyone’s used an exclamation mark in regard to becoming US President. But here’s another first – he actually made good on his promise to stop an Indiana factory moving 2000 jobs to Mexico.

6. Meanwhile, Barack Obama told Rolling Stone what advice he would give to Trump. Then, in a bit of a suck-up to Rolling Stone readers, jumped on that rickety bandwagon proclaiming if only young people voted, “Hillary would have gotten 500 electoral votes”. Which is every “young voter” election outcome, in every country, ever. But people grow up, and suddenly, life happens.

7. Michael Delligatti has died. You might know him better as:

“Jim” invented the Big Mac in 1967 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, by combining two all-beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, as well as a “secret sauce”. Few people have made as much an impact on the food industry. Here’s Hollis Johnson’s ode to America’s most iconic burger, and its creator.

8. Ecstasy is making a comeback. As a genuine treatment for war veterans struggling with PTSD. “One of the first things I said when it kicked in was ‘this is what I’ve been looking for’,” Iraq vet Tony Macie said. Here’s why the FDA is close to giving Molly the big tick of approval.

9. While we’re experimenting with drugs, some Sydney private schoolboys managed to score 17g of the raw material 2,4-chlorophenyl acetonitrile online. And together with their chem teacher, they made Daraprim, the crucial anti-parasitic drug Martin Shkreli bought and then raised the price of from $US13.50 a pill to $US750. For about $7 worth of raw material, the Sydney Grammar boys made $US110,000 worth of Daraprim.

10. Ever wondered why the Boeing 747 had that Neanderthal hump on its forehead? It’s made the aircraft one of the most distinctive going around, but it has also helped Boeing stay relevant by resolving an important design problem.

BONUS ITEM: Melbourne City won the FFA final. Sydney FC keeper Danny Vukovic won everyone:

The bird lived.

Have a great day.

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