10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

No pressure. Picture: Happy Madison

Good morning. To those about to work, we salute you.

1. First, to the markets and the ASX is set for a solid opening today after news that Deutsche Bank was likely to settle with the US Department of Justice for less than half the purported fine. US stocks rose more than a full per cent across the board on the news and SPI futures are pointing to a 30-point higher open for the ASX. It’s a public holiday in most cities, so expect the action to be a little muted. The Aussie dollar closed Friday at $US0.7663.

2. Elon Musk started last week by telling everyone how he could get 1 million people living on Mars, but he won’t be one of them. A couple of days later he was telling Tesla employees to stop discounting his cars. That, according to Matthew DeBord, is a sign that it might be time for Musk to hand Tesla over to someone else as CEO.

3. Since 2012, Netflix’s selection of titles has dropped over 50%, from roughly 11,000 titles to around 5,300. That doesn’t sound like a great strategy for ensuring people are happy to pay $9-$15 a month for “unlimited viewing” – but here’s maybe why it thinks less is more.

4. Footy season is over and all is well after a Melbourne team won the AFL and a Sydney team won the NRL. It could have so easily been the opposite – the Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs swapped the lead six times in a arm wrestle at the MCG before the Bulldogs got their first flag in 62 years. And last night the Storm could have stolen the NRL trophy in the dying seconds after Will Chambers kicked to himself and had Cooper Cronk wide open:

Chambers went for glory; the Sharks won 14-12. Ouch.


In the US, the Ryder Cup hangs in the balance and Rory McIlroy let the crowd get inside his head. You can tell by watching him go all Shooter McGavin after sinking this monster putt:

And here’s Alec Baldwin going all Donald Trump on SNL.

6. There’s one great reason to not let your dog lick your face. It’s disgusting. But if you need another – and you just shouldn’t – it’s the fact that that “fact” about dogs’ mouths being cleaner than human mouths isn’t a fact at all. In fact, because they eat faeces and rotten meat, dogs’ tongues could be smearing deadly E. coli all over your lips.

7. Another easy way to die is by not sleeping properly. Scary, huh? So we asked sleep scientist Patrick Fuller, an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, to tell us how he gets a good night’s kip.

8. Here’s what cities could look like in 10 years:

Picture: 20th Century Fox

Oh, wait – that’s what cities will look like after a zombie pandemic spreads. Here’s what cities could look like in 10 years according to all the futurists, urban planners and designers we asked.

9. And here’s what cities could look like after a zombie pandemic spreads, according to UK biomedical research charity the Wellcome Trust, which just asked scientists who work in microbiology, epidemiology and with vaccines to talk about the science behind video game “The Last of Us”.

10. Ever wondered what that tiny front pocket on your jeans is for? If you said “coins”, you’re wrong. It’s because cowboys carried pocket watches. And now we use it for coins, because pocket watches are these days as popular as monocles. But Levi Strauss has a few other surprising reasons why it hasn’t done away with the “coin pocket”.

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