10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Absolutely, certainly how Jonah Lomu would have wanted it. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning and welcome to Rates Day.

1. But first – this just in. We now know how close Australians came to having a major supply of Tim Tams cut off. For two weeks, Coles was in a standoff with Arnotts and the biscuit giant was winning, refusing to send truckloads of the best chocolate-covered cream-between on the planet to people in need across Australia. “They had a gun to our head,” one Coles exec told us. It’s settled now, but tensions are high. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day.

2. Don’t expect a reprieve on your crippling mortgage, because no one expects the RBA to move rates today when it meets for the last time in 2015, especially after RBA guv Glenn Stevens told an audience last week to “chill out” and wait for 2016. Everyone will instead be watching what Stevens says about the Aussie dollar. It’s now well out of whack with falling commodity prices and the ANZ has something interesting to say about that.

3. Markets! There was another fall for iron ore and big tumbles from a couple of Aussie icons yesterday. Dick Smith and BHP both came under pressure yesterday, with poor sales and guidance slashing Dick Smith in half and BHP back to a GFC low of $18.09 and facing big fines over the Brazil mine disaster. But overnight futures in Australia have the SPI200 pointing higher today, so, yeah.

4. The most fitting farewell for a sporting legend happened. This:


5. Some financial advice here which could double your salary. The trick? Ask for double your salary. It worked for finance journo Farnoosh Torabi 15 years and still remains the best advice she has for anyone. And here’s some great dad advice about how not to waste it.

6. You can win a game of chess in two moves. It’s called “Fool’s Mate” and, as the name suggests, you’ll have to be playing a bit of a newbie. But importantly, they’ll think you’re a Grand Master. Two moves!

7. This is not a model:

It’s NASA’s observations of higher than normal temperatures spreading across the Earth in the last few decades. And it’s why Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist, is not so much concerned about rising sea levels as she is about humanity’s ability to feed itself, because a plant’s ability to photosynthesise begins to take a huge hit when the mercury tops 35C.

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8. In the market for a new SUV? Just about everyone these days has a Volvo or one of those cheap Posh Beckham “Range Rovers”, so that’s boring. But don’t worry, because Jaguar is now there for you with this, the most beautiful SUV on the planet.

9. The iPhone 7 comes right after the iPhone 6S and there’s already talk of some big changes. Here’s one – no headphone jack. Some say Apple reckons it’s too wide for a slimmed down version of the iconic smartphone, so they’d prefer to utilise the iPhone’s charging port. That’s good, because you’d get support for digital headphones. But here’s why it’s potentially not so good.

10. Did you see the vans mysteriously levitating at an intersection in China?

The internet has finally worked out what was going on.

BONUS ITEM: PSY is back with a disturbing video, some fantastic steps and the line “You’ll be my curry, I’ll be your rice.”

Have a great day.

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