10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Boo. Picture: Channel 4, UK

Good morning. Let’s get busy.

1. Mike Smith is out. The ANZ boss resigned and will be replaced by Shayne Elliott, the current chief financial officer. That’s breaking right now, so we’ll keep you updated, but here’s his scoresheet since taking over:

2. To the markets, where everyone loves the end of the quarter. There were solid gains across the board in the US and Europe – even carmakers and Glencore were recovering. The ASX knew it was coming though and its 2% rise yesterday meant December SPI futures have hardly moved. But miners, metals and energy are up overnight, so there could be some more gains today.

3 The Aussie is running out of sellers back in the low 69 cent region and is sitting back above 70 cents. But it’s a wild day for data freaks, starring all the big Asian PMIs. China, Japan and Korea drop today before the big one tonight – the release of the ISM in the US. David Scutt has your guide to China right here. In Australia, we get AiGroup manufacturing PMI this morning.

4. So you got a job at Google? The world’s most amazing employer! Slides! Free food! And these 19 things that suck about working at Google!

5. Speaking of free workplace lunches, here’s what’s on the menu for SAP’s employees:

The majority of lunches and meals offered on SAP North America's Palo Alto campus are free. Some high-cost items, like wild day-boat scallops, cost employees $1 or $2.


Salad offerings include quinoa with fresh strawberries, Asian slaw with bok choi and carrots, and roasted multicolor baby carrots, all with house-made dressings, and many vegetables are sourced from SAP's on-campus small organic vegetable garden.


The software corporation offers other lunch offerings including a make your own salad bar, taco salad bowls, and wild king salmon over crispy polenta panzanella salad.


SAP Executive Chef Melissa Miller harvests SAP's first honey crop in Palo Alto. The honey is a pretty precious commodity and is featured in select desserts and other items.


There’s a figure tossed around that offering free lunches can save your company up to $US2500 a year, so bosses, check out more of the mouthwatering options from other tech giants here, and get cooking.

6. You should be cleaning toilets – part 1. In Year 10 at school, BI’s Natalie Walters took a part-time job as a janitor, and got paid $US6.25 an hour for cleaning toilets. Apart from confirmation that men can’t aim, she also learnt these eight lessons about workplaces and people that have stuck with her every day since.

7. You should be cleaning toilets – part 2. “Marty” Chavez sold his tech startup in 2004 at the age of 40 and retired to a beach house. Soon after, he got a call from Gary Cohn, asking him to come work for Goldman Sachs. On advice from his mum, Chavez instead went to work at a local monastery in northern New Mexico – cleaning toilets. He told Kara Swisher at Re/code’s New York event yesterday that it was there God chose to speak to him. And now he’s a Goldman executive.

8. Dead animals make the best drones. You may have read this article last year about a couple of Dutch guys who turned a heartbroken boy’s dead pet rat into the best toy ever. He’s also made a dead shark jet, and a cat-copter. Now they’re working on a cow…

9. Katy Perry kissed a girl, but did she like it? Let’s see:

The phone belongs to Brazilian superfan Rayane, who was invited on-stage by Perry but may have got a little too touchy-feely for Perry’s comfort. But despite Perry telling the crowd she was “rolling”, Rayane said she was just exhausted. And Perry’s “skin is very soft,” she told TMZ.

10. Today’s lessons for success. We’ve found 15 successful Australian entrepreneurs who want to share the best advice they ever received with you. And if you’re 25 and worried about your status right now, here’s where 21 incredibly successful people were at the same age. (Just skip over Zuckerberg.)

BONUS ITEM: Irrefutable proof dogs have no dignity.

Have a great day.

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