10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Turkey Market
Kleiner Perkins is going shopping in Turkey

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Hi there. News time, buddies.

  • Facebook launched a mobile-messaging service yesterday. It’s an SMS-killer, everyone says. It also has video-conferencing.
  • Twitter rolled out photo sharing for all users of Twitter.com. But why isn’t it available on mobile?
  • Kleiner Perkins thinks the next big opportunity is in Turkey.
  • AOL’s stock had a horrible, horrible day yesterday. How bad can things can get?
  • Nokia is getting out of the low-end phone business in the United States. North American sales group leader Chris Webber explained the strategy here.
  • For a little while yesterday afternoon, Apple was the biggest public company in the world, judging by market cap.
  • The big pension funds and institutional investors that fund venture capitalists say they are still bullish on startups, but they are demanding more transparency from the VCs and they are getting it.
  • A company called Kno is bringing textbooks to the iPad, and Jay Yarow thinks they look great.
  • Amazon quietly released a Web-based Kindle-reader.
  • Condé Nast redesigned VanityFair.com for hardly any reason at all. But don’t worry, they kept all the naked ladies!

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