10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Microsoft Build Event Steve Ballmer

Good morning. Here’s the overnight news.

  • Microsoft will announce its long-anticipated re-org on Thursday, according to reports.
  • Thrillest CEO, JackThreads cofounder, and startup investor Ben Lerer is sick of all the huge VC investments in e-commerce. He tweets: “It DOESN’T take 10s (or 100s!) of $Millions to grow a big, profitable commerce biz. crap discipline being rewarded w/ big financings lately”
  • Goldman Sachs and Singapore investment company Temasek Holdings invested $110 million in Cloudary, a Chinese ebook company.
  • “TaskRabbit, the San Francisco startup that runs a marketplace for outsourcing errands and temporary work projects, has laid off a number of staffers as part of a larger restructuring.”
  • Meet Jonathan Lu, the new CEO of Alibaba. He’s given an interview to the WSJ, and he says his focus is on mobile users.
  • This is a thorough report on the kinds of apps that Apple features in the App Store.  Spoiler: Photo and video apps do well.
  • Here is how Twitter works on the back-end.
  • Tizen, the open-source operating system backed by Samsung and Intel, needs apps. So it’s hosting a contest for developers and offering a $4 million top prize.
  • “Last year, the Department of Commerce spent over half of its IT budget — more than $2.7 million — chasing down what appeared to be a major malware infection.”
  • Samsung is breaking ground on its new office in San Jose this week.

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