10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Morning! News!

  • AOL just posted earnings, and it had double digit display growth, which is what the company needs.
  • The market was absolutely smashed yesterday, and of all the tech companies we watch, LinkedIn got it the worst.
  • Here’s what people really buy from daily deal site LivingSocial: Pizza and margaritas.
  • When Dropbox raises it’s mega-round of funding the company’s founders are expected to get a nice chunk of the money.
  • A good look at the fast death of mobile computing brands.
  • 8 tech companies that are sitting on massive piles of cash to ride out the market storm.
  • Amazon’s cloud services were down briefly last night taking out a bunch of startups.
  • Yahoo’s stock is so cheap right now that taking it out would basically be free.
  • Apple got a small victory in its continued fight against HTC: the ITC will investigate an Apple claim against the HTC tablet.
  • Take your mind off the cratering economy with a tour of Apple’s mouse through the years.