10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

sheryl sandberg, facebook

Photo: Nadine Rupp / Getty Images

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Facebook is testing out yet another new product that will bring more ads to users’ feeds.
  • Twitter’s cofounders unveiled their latest project, an online publishing platform called Medium.
  • The iPad Mini will be lighter and thinner than the current iPad, and resemble a larger iPod Touch, according to two new reports.
  • Facebook’s next billion-dollar business is staring you in the face: App installations.
  • Here are the Facebook insiders who might drop millions of shares of Facebook stock on Thursday morning.
  • Apparently no one wants to get married on Eric Schmidt’s $20 million Montecito estate anymore because Kim Kardashian did it. Now he’s even considering selling the place.
  • This Zynga employee has been forced to give up on plans to buy a house because of the stock crash.
  • Everyone on Marissa Mayer’s senior team expects to be replaced within 18 months, a source tells us.
  • Nokia’s CEO suggested that the company could release a Windows 8 phone as soon as next month, Reuters reports.
  • These ex-Apple engineers are working on a stealth startup to make content creation easier on the iPad.

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