10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

mark zuckerberg gay pride parade in san francisco

Good morning. Here’s the overnight news.

  • Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, tested a re-usable space rocket that can launch and land in the same spot.
  • An Oakland-based company called Digital Detox is hosting summer camps for adults who want t0 disconnect. “The rules of Camp Grounded were simple: no phones, computers, tablets or watches; work talk, discussion of people’s ages and use of real names were prohibited.”
  • New Zynga CEO Don Mattrick wanted to acquire and run Zynga back when he was running Microsoft’s Xbox division.
  • Along with heroic humans, new technologies such as “the use of flame-retardant materials and new seats designed to withstand tremendous force” helped save lives on the Asiana Airlines 777 that crashed in San Francisco.
  • If you give it permission, MIT will map your entire life using just the metadata from your email inbox. Much like the NSA might foreign suspects.
  • Speaking of the NSA, did you know the secret courts that review its wiretaps involving Americans are staffed entirely by Chief Justice John Roberts?
  • Western governments are going to try to reduce the tax loopholes tech companies like Amazon and Apple take advantage of.
  • HTC’s market cap tanked $395 million after the company reported disappointing sales, despite the launch of the heralded HTC One.
  • Facebook’s search engine, Graph Search, will finally open to the public this week.
  • A bunch of the top apps in the iOS App Store are free today to mark the store’s 5 year anniversary.

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