10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

steve ballmer microsoft

Good morning! News:

  • “Adobe is abandoning its Creative Suite entirely to focus efforts on Creative Cloud.”
  • “Foxconn, a potent symbol of the perks and perils of globalization, is taking a step that, not all that long ago, would have seemed unthinkable: it is contemplating life far, far beyond Apple.”
  • Nokia has a new high-end phone out called the Lumia 928. It has a fancy camera.
  • Takeout delivery service Foodpanda raised $20 million.
  • Facebook made it into the Fortune 500, barely.
  • “Microsoft is retooling the latest version of its Windows operating system to address complaints and confusion.”
  • Google Glass doesn’t work very well for turn-by-turn directions because it doesn’t work very well in direct sunlight.
  • Baidu bought something called PPS for $370 million, and it now claims to be China’s biggest video platform.
  • Apple analyst Benedict Evans tries to figure out the size of the market for high-end smartphones.
  • After Android and iOS there’s a race to become the world’s third-largest smartphone OS, and you may not have heard of all of the contestants.

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