10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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[credit provider=”Roy Zipstein”]

Good morning. No kidding around, what follows is probably the best “10 things” you’ll read all week. Good stuff out there today!

  • Fancy tech types on Twitter are going nuts over this story from Buzzfeed: “Google’s Lost Social Network.”
  • Watch out, Microsoft. Google will stop giving its Office clone away for free. That has to mean real investment is coming.
  • Google will take bids for its Motorola set-top business soon.
  • Here’s the complete transcript of Brian Williams’s interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook.
  • There’s a $4 billion smartphone maker in China that has modelled itself after Apple, and it is doing very well.
  • Meanwhile, customer turnout for Apple’s iPad Mini launch in China was relatively low.
  • An infamously anti-Apple blogger says Windows 8 is “a Christmas gift for someone you hate.”
  • Bravo’s “Startups: Silicon Valley” got booted from Monday nights because “Real Housewives” re-runs get better ratings.
  • Downloads from Amazon’s Appstore are up 500% in the last year.
  • One reason for Apple to move manufacturing to the US is that increasingly, its Asian suppliers are becoming competitors.