10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Google I/O 2012

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Google introduced the Nexus 7 tablet and an Apple TV-like device called the Nexus Q, along with several other new products at its developers conference on Wednesday. Here’s the complete breakdown of everything Google announced.
  • Business Insider’s Steve Kovach got to try out the new Nexus 7 tablet for an hour. Here’s his first reaction to playing with the device.
  • Google also offered a demonstration of its digital glasses. We caught up with the designer behind Google Glass afterwards to find out more about the top secret project.
  • The bottom line: Google is a hardware company now.
  • News Corp.’s board has approved plans to split into two companies, one for publishing and one for entertainment. You can read the full announcement of the change here.
  • Facebook has completely sandbagged estimates. Get ready for an “upside surprise!”
  • Facebook just fixed one of the biggest complaints that users have about its iPhone app. The app is about to get much faster.
  • Apple is planning to make some huge changes to iTunes later this year. Bloomberg reports there will be better integration with iCloud and more music sharing features.
  • Institutional Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley VC firm, just raised a massive new $1 billion fund.
  • Philipp Humm, the CEO of T-Mobile USA, resigned from the company on Wednesday and will move to Vodafone in October, Reuters reports.

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