10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

nook hdThe Nook HD just got 30% cheaper

Good morning!

  • In a blog post lots of people passed around over the weekend,¬†established Los Angeles-based VC Mark Suster explains where he gets his proprietary deal-flow.
  • Samsung came out with a low-end, 4.3 inch smartphone called the Galaxy Core.
  • Intel subsidiary McAfee bought a Finnish firewall specialist called Stonesoft for $389 million.
  • YouTube is launching paid subscription channels.
  • HP has new, MacBook Air-like laptops out, starting at $499.
  • EBay might start taking Bitcoin.
  • Kara Swisher wrote a feature for Vanity Fair on the history of Instagram, which sold to Facebook for $1 billion a year ago last month.
  • 52% of Kansas City residents say they would like to switch to Google fibre.
  • Barnes & Noble cut the Nook’s price by 30% “for Mother’s Day.”
  • Saturday Night Live mocked Google Glass.

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