10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Asus tablet hand held

Photo: Gizmodo

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Did Arianna Huffington steal the idea for the Huffington Post? Vanity Fair takes a long look at a new lawsuit filed against her.
  • Amazon has started asking developers to submit applications for its forthcoming Android App Store.
  • Quora has been gaining momentum in the last few weeks. It might be ready to break out and get huge.
  • The SEC is investigating changing its laws to close the loophole that allows Goldman to create a special purpose vehicle for Facebook investment.
  • Speaking of that, Goldman had to give its wealth managers tutorials on what Facebook does.
  • An iPad 2 case is being shown off at CES. It has the front camera, back camera, holes and a space for a speaker in the back.
  • There will be 80 tablets shown at CES this year — how many will matter?
  • QNX, the company doing software for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is working on software that will send email to your car and read the emails to you as you drive.
  • Steve Ballmer is giving a CES keynote tonight, and it is expected he will tease out details on Windows 8.
  • American Airlines is in a fight with Orbitz and Expedia because it doesn’t like how its tickets are getting displayed.

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