10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

marc pincusZynga CEO Mark Pincus

Good morning!

  • Zynga fired 18% of its employees and shut down three office locations yesterday. “You are a fixture and then you are gone,” said one of the laid off employees.
  • The entire team behind Draw Something, which Zynga acquired when it bought OMGPOP last year, also got canned.
  • Apple is changing its repair policies. It will now fix broken screens in-store, instead of sending them off and giving you a new-to-you refurbished phone.
  • Google banned Porn apps from Google Glass.
  • Sean Percival’s startup did not survive the so-called “Series A Crunch.” Here, he writes about what he did wrong and how others can learn from him.
  • Lenovo, the world’s number two PC-maker, is in talks to get into the smartphone business through acquisitions.
  • Frank Gehry will design Facebook’s new New York offices.
  • Here’s a good overview of Computex, the big Asian PC-maker trade show going on right now.
  • President Obama is going after patent trolls. “The president will reportedly instruct the Patent and Trademark Office to start work on a rule-making process that would require disclosure of the owner of a patent in addition to its inventor.”
  • “59 per cent of the 2,300 parents surveyed were not worried that their children would become addicted to technology.”

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