10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Tim Cook

Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

It’s Friday morning. Hope you have a good one. Here’s the news.

  • Sharp is making screens for the iPhone 5, and it is already behind schedule.
  • Amazon is going to use Nokia data instead of Google for it’s Kindle Fire mapping app.
  • The chatter that Mark Zuckerberg should hire a CEO isn’t going away.
  • The guy behind del.icio.us has launched human.io, “a simple way to allow a publisher to turn a passive audience into a mobile army of participants.”
  • The iPad Mini is probably going to be a smaller iPad with the iPad 2’s internals, says Marco Arment.
  • A partner at Silicon Valley’s most important early stage investor has, for the past six months, gone without email on his phone.
  • Actually, Apple hasn’t patented “pinch-and-zoom.”
  • Zynga has hired an executive to lead the company’s gambling efforts.
  • Nokia and Microsoft are investing $23 million in 36 app startups.
  • Samsung actually beat Apple in a patent case – in Japan.

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