10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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[credit provider=”Business Insider”]

Here are the last 10 things you need to know in 2012:

  • Zynga shut down 10 games to save costs.
  • The FAA still doesn’t have a good reason why it bans e-readers and tablets during takeoffs.
  • You can drag and drop pictures of food onto a plate to see how many calories your meal has with a new Website called Make My Plate.
  • Facebook had a minor privacy goof-up.
  • Ross Levinsohn and Peter Ligouri are joining the board of the Tribune Company, which emerges from bankruptcy today.
  • Yahoo will be out of the South Korean market by the end of today.
  • US Internet users pay more for slower service.
  • Google has a team that builds iOS apps for Google’s various product lines.
  • We’re not giving teenagers enough credit for using Snapchat to protect themselves and their online histories.
  • Pakistan lifted its YouTube ban…for three minutes.