10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Eric Schmidt at Dreamforce 2011

Photo: Salesforce via YouTube

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Google has paid $100 million of advances to media companies and celebrities like The Wall Street Journal, The Onion, and Madonna to launch 100 new exclusive YouTube channels.
  • JIm Cramer on Groupon: it’s an “engineered” IPO — you should buy some stock on the first day and flip it immediately.
  • Groupon says its stock is in such demand that it wants to raise the price.
  • Apple has acquired C3 Technologies, a 3D mapping company.
  • Siri has been successfully ported to the iPhone 4.
  • HP has indicated that it will not shut down its WebOS division.
  • Michael Arrington got ambushed on CNN when he was asked about minority-led startups.
  • Daily deals site BuyWithMe just slashed its headcount from 200 to 85.
  • Spammers try to break into Facebook seven times per second.
  • Microsoft successfully blocked an ex-employee from working on iCloud after getting hired by Apple.

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