10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

carol bartz

Good morning! Here’s the news you need:

  • Android is now the world’s biggest smartphone operating system, according to Canalys, dethroning Nokia.
  • AOL cofounder Steve Case will lead a White House campaign to get more people interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Facebook Places launched in Europe today.
  • Instapaper founder Marco Arment has some fun speculating on the next line up of MacBook Pros. Will Apple kill the 13″ MacBook pro? Change the design radically?
  • Google is looking to hire dozens of mobile app developers.
  • Flickr is getting thumped by Facebook, but Yahoo says it’s happy with the site’s performance.
  • MLBAM is building a mobile advertising business to add to its livestream of games on mobile phones.
  • iPad 2 is said to be getting a nice glare resistant screen, and it will not have a better resolution.
  • AOL Europe spent $96.7 million to acquire video distribution network Go Viral.
  • The chairman of networking and routers company Netgear says it’s “game over” for Microsoft, and Apple will be lost without Steve Jobs.

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