10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Apple iphone China Pegatron

Good morning to you. 

Here’s the news.

  • U.S.-based Apple Store workers are suing because they have to wait in a half-hour long line before they can leave every day. 
  • China-based Apple workers sleep on the floor, use buckets to wash themselves, and sleep 12 to a room at night. 
  • A bunch of University of Texas students tricked an $80 million yacht into going off course by “spoofing” a GPS satellite.
  • Apple is going to call its low-cost iPhone the iPhone 5C.
  • VC Fred Wilson says entrepreneurs are going to get “whiplash” if they listen to all the advice they get from all the investors they have to pitch for financing. He has three pieces of advice for how to deal with this problem.
  • HTC says it is going to lose money this quarter.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook is back in China, hoping to rev a crucial market that’s been underperforming.
  • The $35 billion Publicis-Omnicom merger started with a playful bit of dialogue. Visiting the Publicis office, the Omnicom CEO told Publicis CEO: “This is a priceless view.” The Publicis CEO said: “You can get it.”
  • There’s a team of engineers at Google that call themselves the “gophers.” Their mission: fix broken code, wherever it may be found.
  • Samsung is close to buying a German company for $200 million. The company has tech that will allow Samsung to make brighter TV and mobile screens.

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