10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

peter thiel

Photo: Fortune Live Media / flickr


  • Hello, big market: Apple got final approval to sell the iPhone 5 in China.
  • You can now buy an unlock iPhone 5 in the US.
  • Peter Thiel and other investors put $49 million into Xero, which makes accounting software for small businesses.
  • US and European officials will meet to discuss their anti-trust investigations into Google.
  • Once again, AT&T has been declared the worst wireless service provider.
  • Oh no. People are naming their kids Mac, Siri and Apple.
  • Microsoft will launch a new Xbox next Xmas.
  • LinkedIn launched an API for ad-buyers yesterday.
  • Social advertising network Radium One is “eyeing an IPO.”
  • NPD paints a very “dark picture” of Windows 8 tablet sales.


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