10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Tim Cook Verizon iPhone press conference

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Good morning. Here’s the news:

  • Reviews are in for the Verizon iPhone. The consensus seems to be phone is better for making calls, but the data download and upload rates are much slower.
  • Google wanted to pay $100 million for fledgling photo sharing service Path and its founder David Morin. With Morin, it would have access to someone that used to work at Facebook, so he could help with social, and recruiting from Facebook.
  • Twitters cofounder Evan Williams is basically gone from the company, even though he said he’d be working on product when originally left his post as CEO.
  • Hulu’s CEO has infuriated his corporate bosses with a screed on the television business. He’s probably not long for Hulu. Read his essay on the future of TV here >
  • Hulu is getting the Daily Show and Colbert Report back after Viacom pulled them last year.
  • An iPad 2 was spotted at yesterday’s launch of the Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper. If you haven’t seen “The Daily” we have a big photo tour of the newspaper here >
  • Google had an official unveiling of Honeycomb, its tablet operating system. Our reporter was on hand and says Apple has nothing to be worried about.
  • Apple has told publishers it will require them to offer in-app payment for books, magazines, newspapers, etc. starting March 31. They’re not happy about it because they have to pay Apple a 30% cut of all the in-app sales.
  • The average annual salary for tech folk in Silicon Valley is $99,000, higher than anywhere else.
  • Sony managed to beat analyst expectations thanks largely to Sony games. Profits were down though.
  • For more stories in tech you need to know, stay tuned to SAI all day long >

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