10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

iphone colour

Good morning. Here’s the news.

  • Yahoo is considering another small acquisition. This time it’s looking at e-commerce app platform Lexity.
  • Famed Webcomic XKCD has completed a 3,099 panel comic.
  • Pegatron, which makes Apple gadgets, is being accused of violating workers’ rights.
  • Om Malik thinks the new Zynga CEO from Microsoft is only going to last about 16 months on the job before ¬†founder Mark Pincus pushes him out.
  • A frustrated Nokia VP told a newspaper that Microsoft needs to update Windows Phones faster.
  • Ever wonder why the ad for a YouTube video will always load quickly, even during peek usage hours, but the itself will take forever? Wonder no more!
  • A year after attempting to retire, Apple hardware boss Bob Mansfield is no longer on the company’s executive management team.
  • These Israelis and Palestinians are launching tech startups together.
  • The latest rumour is that the cheap iPhone is going to be called the iPhone 5C, with “C” standing for colour.
  • This is why Steve Kovach sold his iPad.

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