10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

tim cook smiling

Good morning! Here’s the overnight news…

  • Tim Cook spoke at the All Things D conference for 81 minutes last night. This is the full interview.
  • Cook said Apple has acquired 9 companies so far this year, and plans to buy more.
  • Cook said Google Glass will not be a mainstream product, though it may be popular in certain “verticals.”
  • Cook confirmed that a major redesign is coming to the iPhone and iPad operating system later this month.
  • Cook said Facebook’s “chat heads” won’t be coming to iPhones or iPads. 
  • Spotify launched something called “Discover,” which is “a news feed of recommendations, playlists, and songs friends have posted.”
  • These startups are trying to change the way you eat.
  • Alibaba will file for an IPO as soon as the fourth quarter of this year.
  • Insight Venture Partners, the VC firm that backed Tumblr and Twitter, raised a $2.57 billion fund.
  • Want to work at your favourite startup? Read this story about how one guy hustled his way into a gig at Uber and draw some lessons.

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