10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


Photo: yahoo.com

Good morning! Today’s news:

  • Nokia is firing 3,500 employees and shuttering a factory.
  • Yahoo board member David Kenny wants to be named CEO.
  • Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang has reassumed control of the company while it figures itself out.
  • The biggest news is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, a $199 tablet that will disrupt the market.
  • Amazon is almost certainly losing money on every Fire sold. Analyst Gene Munster estimates the loss is at $50.
  • Zappos founder Tony Hsieh says the company could eventually launch its own airline.
  • Facebook is reportedly set to release its iPad app next week, along with its huge HTML5 development project. And this is what the HTML5 mobile project will look like.
  • Samsung has an October 11 event where Google is expected to reveal the latest version of its Android operating system, Ice Cream.
  • Groupon is trying a new business line: Selling things at a discount directly.
  • Windows Phone based HTC phones accounted for 30% of HTC’s smartphone sales since Windows Phone launched.

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