10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

iphone 5 worship

Photo: Dylan Love

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • There’s a new rumour going around that the next iPhone will sport a 4-inch display.
  • A firmware update for shooting 3D video on the Nintendo 3DS has been pushed back to December 8.
  • Coursekit, the student-made Blackboard killer, launches today.
  • Check out Grooveshark’s plan to rip off record labels!
  • Microsoft has no interest in buying all of Yahoo.
  • Here’s the mysterious case of the glowing, smoking iPhone.
  • Zappos founder Nick Swinmum talked with us about the early days of his company — rejection, losing a convertible note, and the realisation that an IPO was bad news.
  • A new European law will stop Facebook from selling user information without permission.
  • Twitter just bought a new security outfit.
  • Google’s latest $400 million acquisition is about to get the OK from the Feds.

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