10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

paul allen

Good morning! Here’s some news:

  • Groupon has filed a certificate to raise a whopping $950 million in funding.
  • Why is Groupon so valuable? For one, Hitwise says that 79% of all group-buying web traffic went to Groupon.
  • Angry Birds says Apple will be the number one platform for developers for a long time, because Android is a mess.
  • iPad magazine app sales are falling each month.
  • Speaking of iPad, DigiTimes says Apple will be shipping 65 million iPads next year.
  • Google Maps could be censored in China next year.
  • Paul Allen is trying another crazy patent suit against every major tech company. His last one was tossed.
  • PayPal is setting up shop in China.
  • SAP will have to pay a small amount of interest on the $1.3 billion it owes Oracle.
  • Google is giving priority to its smartphone partners on Android 3.0 for tablets above companies that make notebooks.

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