10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • Twitter has DST, Kleiner Perkins, and Andreessen Horowitz all fighting to invest in a new round of funding. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have taken a look at the company for a possible acquisition.
  • Vator News says Google bought Groupon for $2.5 billion citing a “reliable” “insider”.
  • Online retail sales for Black Friday were up 9% y/y, which is less than online retail was up for the rest of the the month.
  • Apple has been the most sued company since 2008, after the iPhone was released. So it’s lawyering up to battle.
  • PayPal could be generating more in revenue than eBay by 2014.
  • Google is considering making a startup incubator inside of Google to keep employees from leaving. 
  • The Wikileaks’ latest dump of documents suggests the Chinese government was behind the hacking of Google earlier this year.
  • Cool report on what works on Kickstarter and what doesn’t — $50 rewards are popular.
  • Amazon has built a new team, and new architecture for its site to expand internationally.
  • Acer CEO says it will take 2-3 years before Acer displaces Apple as the tablet King.

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