10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Samsung Unpacked Event 68Ready for another insane Samsung event?

Good morning! All rested-up after the long weekend? Good. Let’s get at some news!

  • Yahoo, which bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion and just bid as much as $800 million for Hulu, may also have a few more $150 million to $200 million acquisitions up its sleeve.
  • A startup called Clip raised $1.5 million to become the Square for the Spanish-speaking world. (Won’t Square be Square for the Spanish-speaking world?)
  • LG revealed a white version of its Nexus 4 and said it will not be making a Nexus 5.
  • Samsung is hosting a big product event on June 20. The WSJ says Samsung will reveal a Galaxy S4 Mini.
  • Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company part-owned by Yahoo, announced a logistics network that will enable 24-hour deliveries across the country.
  • 37 of 511 Y Combinator startups have sold for more than $40 million, says YC partner Paul Graham.
  • Google is going to “build huge wireless networks across Africa and Asia, using high-altitude balloons and blimps.”
  • “The designs for more than two dozen advanced US weapons systems were accessed by Chinese hackers.”
  • Buzzfeed and CNN are partnering to launch a YouTube channel.
  • Here are 23 smart people from the enterprise tech industry worth following on Twitter.

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