10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

ps4 ontroller

Good morning! News:

  • Nokia owes the Indian government more than $300 million in taxes.
  • Panasonic is going to spend $2.7 billion on a restructuring. It’s lost $13 billion over the last decade.
  • Sony went into much deeper technical detail about the upcoming PS4.
  • “The rise of texting apps has taken away $23 billion in revenue from carriers as of the end of 2012, according to market research firm Ovum.”
  • To solve the same-day delivery problem faster than Google or Amazon, Walmart may ask its customers to deliver online purchases to other customers.
  • The average smartphone user checks Facebook about 14 times a day. She’s still your ex-girlfriend, guy.
  • The executive director of the foundation that runs Wikipedia is stepping down.
  • Bitcoin believers say there are three eras of currency: “Commodity based, e.g. Gold. Politically based, e.g. Dollar. maths based, e.g. Bitcoin.”
  • For its next trick, big data is going to cure cancer.
  • Scientists from NASA went to the Game Developers Conference and said that in the future, we’ll all have robot avatars in space. Finally.

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