10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! Here’s the overnight news.

scott forstallCanned Apple exec Scott Forstall

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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  • Marissa Mayer does not consider herself a feminist.
  • Marc Andreessen is backing an app for contractors who want to rent equipment.
  • Walt Mossberg says you might want to wait a while before buying a Pebble watch.
  • You blinked, and now LinkedIn is worth $18 billion up from $4 billion at its IPO.
  • You thought Facebook killed Friendster? Hah. Scientists at MIT performed a “digital autopsy” on the social network to find out what went wrong. They say: “the combination of a low cost-to-benefit ratio and a vulnerable k-core distribution” whacked it. Mmmhmm. Of course.
  • This app helps you avoid parking tickets.
  • Pre-paid carrier Leap Wireless bet big on the iPhone … and it’s back-firing big time.
  • This Android phone weighs almost nothing and the battery lasts a week. Of course, the screen is E-Ink…
  • EA is going to sell virtual goods in all of its games. Just great.
  • After Apple fired Scott Forstall, it gave each of its other SVPs a $75,000 raise.

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