10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

ipad mini at apple store

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 Good morning. Here’s the news:

  • China passed a law that requires people to identify themselves online.
  • “Leaked” video shows that video chat will be part of new Blackberry 10.
  • Refreshed MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs come out in June 2013.
  • Google picked its 12 favourite Android apps from this year.
  • Oof: Here’s a story about how one activist investor believed in HP’s now written-down Autonomy deal so much, he bought 17.5 million shares.
  • This is a photo series of Apple Computer designs that never came to be.
  • The CEO of Behance explains why Adobe paid $150 million for his company.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t really get a pay cut this year. His stock grant from a year ago vests over the next 10.
  • App Store downloads increased 87% from Christmas 2011 to Christmas 2012.
  • Silicon Valley is able to solve all your first world problems.