10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Jeff BezosJeff Bezos

Photo: Charlie Rose

Good morning! Here is the news:

  • Apple is rumoured to be killing off the iPod shuffle, and the iPod classic next week at its iPhone event.
  • The New York Times laid off almost everyone in the About.com editorial staff because of revenue shortfalls.
  • When the New York tech scene blows up, we’re going to see a tidal wave of talent flow to all the bigger, more secure startups.
  • Amazon is revealing its tablet today, here’s what to expect. We’ll have two reporters at the event with live coverage starting at 10 AM, so tune in here.
  • Apparently, Amazon plans to release a second tablet at the start of next year, which will be much better than the tablet it’s about to announce.
  • Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson loaded up on Dell because he thinks its an undervalued stock ready to pop.
  • Interesting read at the NYT: Twitter is too complicated for some people, which is why it’s not as big as Facebook.
  • Larry Page says Google is the biggest threat to Google’s success in this video interview.
  • Groupon is starting “Groupon Reward,” which will offer users discounts at stores after they’ve spent a certain amount at the store. So, if you bought a $100 meal, you might get an offer to pay $5 for $30 worth of food at the restaurant in the future.
  • The tear-dropped iPhone design that we keep seeing cases made for could be based on a lost iPhone 5 in China.

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